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October 3rd, 2010
John Fredericks / Staff

U.S. Congressman Tom Price

Price Predicts GOP House Takeover on BBN Show

North Fulton’s Sixth District U.S. Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) predicted a sweeping Republican victory on November 2 on the Beacon Broadcast Network's Political InSighter T.V. show, airing this week.

Price said while the GOP needs a net gain of 39 seats to wrest control from Nancy Pelosi and the liberals, there are 53 Democrat seats now in play that could be won by viable Republican challengers. If Price’s prediction plays out, the conservative lawmaker, who is head of the influential Republican Study Committee, will have a legitimate shot at a key leadership post in the new GOP controlled House of Representatives. Did someone say Majority Whip? I did, and that's where Price lands if the GOP takes over. By the way, that would make Price the third most powerful man in the U.S. House. Price also talked about ObamaCare, Georgia's governor race and the recent ethics charges leveled against him, which he termed unfounded and politically motivated. You can catch the Price interview in its entirety on Comcast channel 25, Sunday through Thursday at 10:00 a.m.; 6:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Don’t have cable? Dump the dish.


If you are planning a trip to Vegas anytime soon, here are my selections that could get your house paid off in just a few short months: World Series: Twins VS. Reds. Redlegs in six. Super Bowl: Titans VS. Packers. Cheese Heads win. Georgia Vs. Anybody: bet the other team. What’s up with the Georgia Chain Gang…er, I mean the Bulldogs? Our Beacon contingent of rabid Bulldog Nation types had the game on T.V. at the office Saturday afternoon and all they did was complain incessantly about the Dogs lackluster performance at the hands of the 'Ol ball coach. What a bunch of whiners. I have a suggestion for a new Georgia Bulldog fight chant, though. Instead of "woof-woof" -- wouldn’t "meow" be more appropriate? Or maybe Dog fans can just chant the "Miranda Rights" in unison – being that several of their key players likely have it memorized by now.


Last week Johns Creek city bureaucrats, operating in typical "government first – screw the people" fashion, promoted the bright idea of spending nearly $250,000 on new signage that would identify Johns Creek city boundaries when motorists drive in and out of the newly created city. Overpaid and under-worked city planners wanted the signs to be of a certain high-quality look and feel, to help "brand" their city, driving up the cost to taxpayers, who are struggling as it is to make ends meet in the teeth of a protracted recession. When Johns Creek voters sanctioned their new city at the polls in 2006, we doubt this is what they had in mind. The elected officials all but kicked out their private outsource company, creating another taxpayer-funded monolith of government workers who you can’t fire. Johns Creek says it's important for the city to distinguish itself, and make sure it has a consistent "look and feel" -- needless silly city boundary signs and all. They call it marketing. We call it the spin job of the week.


I have the solution for securing our nations borders, and it won't cost a dime. Let's send down 67 of the 69 Johns Creek cops to man the borders. We can keep the same two cops up here that unincorporated Fulton County had commissioned for the last 200 years, and dispatch the other 67 to south Texas. All they need to do is set up their sophisticated D.U.I. roadblocks and speed traps all over the place just like they do in Johns Creek. They’ll drive the illegal aliens out in no time, just like they’ve driven most businesses out of Johns Creek. Then once things get going, the city of Johns Creek can loan out their small army of Public Information Officers on the public trough to spin their results all day by sending out meaningless emails to the press. At sundown they can twitter more updates and then post the whole thing on Face Book. This one stroke of genius would secure our borders, not cost a penny more and the hapless Johns Creek taxpayers, who foot the bill anyway, wouldn't know the difference. But there is one downside: there might be a teen-age party on a Saturday night in Johns Creek in a gated community and some 18 year-old may sneak in a swig of beer without being hauled off to jail, victim of another top secret Johns Creek cop house party raid.


Recession got you down? Unpaid bills piling up? Health insurance costs too high? Child support payments out of control? Don’t like your Georgia Power rate hikes? If you live in Johns Creek, we have the answer to your fi - nancial woes: run for Johns Creek City Council. It's a twice per month job for life with great pay and better benefits. All you have to do is keep hiring more cops, vote for road signage and say you are for more parks. Once you get in, you run un-opposed forever and ever, like a member of the old Soviet Politburo.

And the work is easy: just ask Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker how to vote, raise your hand when he does, and you'll be home in time for "Dancing With The Stars."

Apparently, a number of Johns Creek residents have finally figured this out, too while identifying who their real sugar daddy is: their municipal government. So five candidates have lined up to replace Liz Hausmann (R), who vacated her city council seat to run for the Fulton County Commission (D-3). Candidates are: Leslie Martinez, Dr. Michael Pickford, Michael Stephens, Kelly Stewart and Tim Jennette.


Roswell Councilman Rich Dippolito, up for re-election in 2011, has drawn a bevy of would be opponents who seek his ouster. Dippolito is the most vulnerable incumbent in North Fulton County, for a number reasons. Mainly, he has no base. Lori Henry, his mentor, recruited him -- and along with her support network – got him elected in 2007.

Then Dip stabbed his one-time friend in the back by shamelessly endorsing one of Henry's rivals in the 2009 Roswell mayoral race in the fi nal days of the campaign, going so far as to send out a direct mail piece with his wife Kelly on the cover, dissing Henry. It cost Henry a shot in the run-off as she came up short by 180 votes out of over 10,000 ballots cast. So how does Richy make amends with his former trusted allay? By going to Lori's fundraiser, hosted by Roswell Mayor Jere Wood, and not giving the Henry for Fulton County Commission campaign a donation. This is like going to a nice restaurant where a fancy dinner party is being held, crashing it, eating the food, guzzling the champagne, hob-knobbing with the guests, and then leaving the host with your tab. I wonder if that’s the way Richy operated his vaunted and vacuous "Blue Ribbon Committee?" Oh, yeah, I forgot, they got nothing done, either.

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