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January 15th, 2011
John Fredericks / Staff

Roswell Narrows Top Cop Search to Three; Refuses to Release Information to Public

Here's the good news: the pathetic and administratively corrupt reign of Roswell's embattled Police Chief Ed Williams is finally about to come to a close.

Here's the good news: the pathetic and administratively corrupt reign of Roswell's embattled Police Chief Ed Williams [pictured left] is finally about to come to a close. Williams, who resigned last fall, should be out by February 1.

Williams Napoleonic-like dynasty of Roswell's cops has been marred with charges of blatant nepotism, unseemly political pay-backs, nefarious DUI quotas, overt crony favoritism, shifty organizational charts, lost files, disappearing evidence, missing money, flash bang lawsuits, wrongful demotion charges, stonewalling of open records requests from the press and downright police harassment of innocent citizens (re: Andrew Wordes).

All the while Roswell City Administrator Kay Love sat back and did nothing to stop Williams's ongoing empire of perverted narcissism.

So good cops quit. Others checked out. Police morale among RPD's rank and file hovers at an all time low.

That's William's Roswell legacy.

Good riddance, Ed.

And by the way, don't let the door smack you in the keister on the way out.


City officials announced they have narrowed their search for a new police chief to three candidates. Two of the three finalists are chiefs and one is a public safety director. All serve in southern Georgia. The three finalists are: Chief Woodrow Blue, Milledgeville, Chief Tim Hatch, St. Mary's and Public Safety Director Dwayne Orrick, Cordele.

Now the bad news: Love, who has been intimidated by Williams during her entire$200,000 salary "Peter Principal-esque" rule in Roswell, has refused to release details about her selection process -- or facts on her choices -- to the press or the public. This is par for the Love course: the Roswell taxpayer: be damned.

Both Love [pictured right] and Williams rejected interviews and declined to answer questions from Beacon beat reporters Maggie West and Jeff Bean. No surprise there.

Most likely they'll wait to talk to their "shopper" lackeys who are on their legal advertisement public taxpayer funded payroll.

So what's going to be different, now that Williams is out? That depends on his replacement. That's why Love won't let the public know anything about her choice or how she'll make the decision. Or about what is really going on in the city's public safety division. For example, under pressure from the press (The Beacon), Williams finally released the RPD crime analysis report for the FY year ended June 30, 2010. It took nearly three years to get the last one updated from FY 2008, and FY 2009 is still nowhere to be found. Is this going to be the norm?

These questions linger: Why is Love reluctant to publicize her candidates' qualifications, like for example, their resume, including education and size of the force they currently supervise? Is there something to hide? Is the fifth largest city in the state of Georgia embarrassed by the caliber of their final candidates? Where is the transparency? The public and press can only conjecture.

But sources inside RPD, familiar with the candidates -- who are not authorized to speak to the press -- told The Beacon that Love's handpicked top cop is Orrick. They say the other applicants are mere smokescreens. "Orick is from Cordele, the same area as Williams and Love," one senior officer said. Another high ranking RPD lawman says Love and Williams want their own man -- someone they can control -- who won't be digging into files, cooperating with the press and embarrassing them further. "It'll be business as usual with a different name plate on the Chief's desk," one source sighed.


Records show that Love got applications from some heavy hitters with big city experience -- as well some Feds. But Love apparently is committed to going the po'-dunk route. Cordele? St. Mary's? Milledgeville? These are all backwoods South Georgia one-horse towns with less than 20,000 people. Does St. Mary's even have a traffic light? 

Roswell has nearly 100,000 residents and is plagued with illegal immigrants running amuck, multiple gang activity, murders, armed robberies, rapes, break ins, etc.

So why not get a police chief from Philadelphia? Or even Marietta, or maybe Norcross?

Nope, Love wants another country bumpkin, just like Williams, who is from Americus. Misery, perhaps, loves company.

Sources with ties to the Fulton County Sheriff's Department told us point blank that one veteran Deputy applicant, who had FBI training, was told, when attempting to apply for the job through the Georgia Police Chief's organization, not to bother and waste his time. "We were informed [Roswell] was looking for applicant's with less experience," the source said.

When Alpharetta, a city half the size of Roswell, needed a senior lawman with some juice, do you know where their city administrator, Bob Regus went? Try Kansas City. That's where he got Gary George, their big dog. Where does Roswell go for theirs? Why that booming metropolis of Cordele, of course.

By the way, where is Roswell Councilwoman Nancy Diamond [pictured left], the citizens' liaison to public safety on this? We've not heard a peep out of her, either.

If past history is any indication, we won't.


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