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August 25th, 2010
John Breech / Staff

Behind The Bleachers - 2010 High School Football Preview

Behind the Scenes of a Football Preview

Have you ever wondered what it's like to put together a high school football preview? Probably not, but for the 12 of you aspiring journalists out there, I'll give you a few details. You have to hunt down 11 head coaches, 11 cheerleading coaches and then make a prediction about each team that will inevitably be wrong. Plus, you have to hire other people (like Tim Altork and Philip Giltman) because if you try and type 11 different football previews on a computer, you'll wake up with carpel tunnel syndrome that your work's health insurance won't cover.

Region Realignment

Since none of the local AAAAA coaches will say it, I will: the revamped region 6-AAAAA is awesome and if I was a high school football coach, I would give up half my salary to be in it. The main reason: the region only has seven teams. Even better: four of those teams will make the playoffs. And since you Fulton students have been in school for less than a week, I'll do the math for you: that means 57 percent of the teams in the region will be playing in the post season. Who do I think is going to make the playoffs out of Region 6? Glad you asked. Obviously, I haven't seen one regular season game yet, but my gut says Roswell, Milton, Centennial and North Forsyth get in. And just for the record, my gut has been on fire. It thought Charlie St. Cloud would be the worst movie of the summer and it was, by far. Someone needs to tell Zac Efron to stop making adult movies and just go make High School Musical 4.

One more region realignment observation: I think Chattahoochee can dominate AAAA football. The fine folks at Georgia High School Football Daily (GHSF Daily) made their playoff picks last week and they left the Cougars out. I won't argue, some people just don't like Cougars. However, not only do I think Hooch is going to qualify for the playoffs, I think they're going to stun some people and make it to at least the state quarterfinals. Byerly, I expect twice as many touchdowns as you had last year. Actually, I don't, because that would be about 100.

Schedule Gate

Putting together a 64-page high school football preview is hard enough and thanks to the Roswell football web master, it became 11 times harder. If you check out each team's preview page, you'll probably notice that their 2010 schedule is included on the page. What you don't know is that it took me three hours to track down the correct schedules. And here's why.

On their websites, both Roswell and Milton say their playing Northview on October 15. The only problem with that, is, well, um, everything. Obviously both teams can't play the same team on the same night. As I looked further into the problem, the web of scheduling errors became more entangled. Roswell's online schedule also says they play Alpharetta on October 22, well, there's a problem with that too. Alpharetta's website says the Raiders have a bye on October 22. So what happened? It took me three hours, a cup of coffee, a Five Guys burger and a game of Wii Tennis, but I finally figured it out.

It turns out Roswell doesn't play Northview on October 15 (they play them on October 22) and it also turns out that Roswell doesn't play Alpharetta on October 22 (they play on October 15). Problem solved. Case closed. Good luck to everyone this season.




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