Hillary Clinton’s Administration Expectations Regarding Security

The secretary of state Hillary Clinton is leading the tight presidential race. This shows prospects of her inauguration as the head of state. Her supporters have ignored her husband’s criticism by saying that hillary-clintons-adminitration-expectations-regarding-security-1Hilary is a different person. But they forget that the administration was run by both parties. Hillary’s triumph will see the duo back to the white house like in 1992. There have been some issues in the Clinton administration that provide an insight of how Hillary Clinton’s administration will be. One of the famous scandals is the sex scandal that arose over Bill lying about having an affair with a White House intern. Apart from this, there are other scandals that have haunted the US since the 90s especially those involving security.

Corruption Scandals

It was also revealed that Clinton administration had a deal with China which involved Bill Clinton’s re-election. China government was involved in many influential operations including funneling funds for his re-election campaign in 1996. Johnny Chung who was the Democratic Party fundraiser by then, was paid $300,000. He then proceeded to testify under oath that the Clinton’s took hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Chinese military intelligence.

Security Scandals

The Clinton administration assisted the transfer of information about missile technology after loosening U.S export controls on high technology goods from America. This also happened after a rocket launch failure. The root cause was investigations carried out by two U.S communications and electronic companies. This helped in increasing the reliability of Chinese missiles aimed at America. China was able to obtain information on WW-88 warhead and other warheads following a misguided policy on missile technological exchange between U.S and China laboratories.

Clinton’s administration policies also enabled Motorola to sell a multiple satellite launcher to China. This has allowed China to replace their single warhead missiles into multiple warhead systems which are a threat to the whole world.

Policies towards China caused leakage of missile information which resulted to warhead technology in Pakistan. Beijing supplied Pakistan with complete warhead development and design information. Clinton administration was unable to stop the trade even after U.S intelligence set off an alarm. Later a Pakistan supply network led by A. Q .Khan transferred nuclear warhead information to Iran, Libya and North Korea.

Bill Clinton’s administration was also ready to restrict the development of U.S missile defenses. This site was in attempt to comply with the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty after negotiations with Russia. Describing it as the corner stone of stability, Clinton administration sought to lock in the speed limits of U.S missile interceptors. These limits were rejected by the U.S military since they undermined the ability of U.S missile defenses.

In 1996, Clinton administration claimed to have used diplomacy and force to persuade North Korea to abandon their nuclear program. North Korea proceeded to build a big nuclear arsenal estimated to contain 20 nuclear weapons and an array of missiles.

The same administration failed to prevent Russia from supplying nuclear technology to Iran even after receiving detailed reports from Israeli. Negligence was also exercised during an International terrorism that involved AL Qaeda. The Sudan government offered to cooperate with the U.S in order to capture Osama bin Laden who was residing in Sudan by then. Clinton’s administration rejected the cooperation. As a result, U.S lost and opportunity to stop Al Qaeda before 2001 terrorist attacks.

President Bill Clinton had ordered air strikes over Iraq just before the House of Representatives began impeachment proceedings regarding president’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. Pentagon and military leaders were disgusted by this action since they saw it as use of military power for personal political gain.

When it comes to arms control, President Bill and his vice president stopped the deployment of missiles under the notion that arms control and processes would be undermined by pentagons effort of building effective defenses.

Other security scandals under Bill Clinton’s administration were the case when Russia had mistaken a Norwegian scientific rocket launch for a U.S based Submarine headed for Moscow. Bill also ordered the U.S to de-target Russia even when Russia had not done so. His administration also endorsed the elimination of nuclear weapons.

Recent Scandals

Hillary Clinton has enough on her plate when it comes to security scandals. Earlier in October, FBI announced about re-opening an investigation into Hillary’s use of private email server which was used to transmit highly classified information. This happened while she was secretary of state between 2009 and 2013. It was concluded that hostile foreign actors likely accessed the email server however the evidence seemed to have been compromised.